суббота, 1 октября 2011 г.

About me.

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Kind night.

My name is Xsenia.

I live in Moscow (Russia) and Daugavpils (Latvia).
Since 2001 I am engaged in felt, and before I was sewed collection toys, and even earlier I was the biologist.
I have husband, the small son and scotty dog.

Great Russian writer Dostoevsky wrote: «the Beauty will save the world».
I agree with these words, and I try to do beautiful things. That I can!
The Internet this wonderful place! Here I get acquainted with people, which likely when I will not see off-line. But all of them it is thin feel beauty, and add it in the world. There can be we, all together, a little bit world is rescued?

I apologise! I not well know English. Please, if you see at me errors - write to me! I will be very grateful!

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